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Our artists work closely with each client to provide nails with individualized care from start to finish––from color palette selection to the details of your design.  



📍 Hometown: Japan
〰️ Years as a Nail Artist: 4
〰️ I'm most inspired by: Fashion, Interiors. Art, Patterns
〰️  My nail art specialty: Marble and Interesting Color Combinations
〰️ Personal nail art style: Almond shape with a unique design!
〰️  Favorite nail color combo: Peach, Green and Purple

💅 My work has been featured in Buzzfeed, and I love making my clients feel fun! 




📍 Hometown: Harlem, NY
〰️ Years as a Nail Artist: 7
〰️ I'm most inspired by: Life
〰️  My nail art specialty: Rhinestones/Anything Shiny on an almond nail shape (also my personal style!)
〰️  Favorite nail color combo: Chrome, Barbie Pink, Anything Metallic

💅 I've worked with several celebrities and editorial projects, but honestly love working with all the cool people that come into the salon––people who actually contribute to their communities and make a difference, people of substance. 




📍 Hometown: Medellin, Colombia
〰️ Years as a Nail Artist: 10 as a nail tech, 2 as a nail artist
〰️ I'm most inspired by: Geometric Patterns, Fine Art, Minimalism
〰️  My nail art specialty: Fine Lines
〰️ Personal nail art style: Minimalistic Art with an almond nail shape
〰️  Favorite nail color combo: Nude, Red, Rose Gold, Silver and Black
〰️  The perfect mani consists of: a solid nail shape and color application! 

💅 My work has been featured in Vogue Spain, Marie Claire Spain, Glamour Spain, Cool Producciones and several other European Editorial features.



📍 Hometown: Taiwan
〰️ Years as a Nail Artist: 1
〰️ I'm most inspired by: Cartoons and Patterns
〰️ Personal nail art style: Boho/Floral Patterns with oval or square nail shape




📍 Hometown: Bronx, NY
〰️ Years as a Nail Artist: 7 professionally, 15 for fun! 
〰️ I'm most inspired by: The metaphysical world, Neo traditional realism, sun , stars and the moon, futuristic sacred geometry , the surreal, scenic landscapes, witchy,  magic 🔮
〰️  My nail art specialty: Clean structured length, shaping, precision, line work
〰️ Personal nail art style: Style––always long , always sharp, never boring
〰️  Favorite nail color combo: Black , Holographic, Iridescent ––Blind 'em with your talons!

💅 My work has been featured in:

  • The New York Times
  • Nailsmagazine
  • Domino
  • Nylon
  • Ladygunn
  • “Artsy Nails Doc”, a documentary
  • Featured Runway Nail artist for Cocktails & Couture Tampa 2014
  • Celebrities I have been collaborated with for custom sets: Bianca Del Rio, Alaska Thunderfuck ,Detox, Willam , Alyssa Edwards, Milk, Adore Delano, and Courtney Act.





📍 Hometown: Qingdao, China
〰️ Years as a Nail Artist: 3
〰️ I'm most inspired by: Modern Art and Fashion
〰️  My nail art specialty: Fine Lines and Marble
〰️ Personal nail art style: Detiailed Geometric
〰️  Favorite nail color combo: Blue and Purple