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About Our Services


We believe that nails are much more than prep, shape and polish, but rather a true art form.  All our nail technicians are highly trained and specialize in Japanese nail techniques, utilizing high quality Japanese gel polishes, and an amazing array of gems, studs, foils, and more.  AKIKO Nails takes pride in using top of the line products and providing a refreshing experience for your nails at affordable prices, for every style. All spa products are environmentally friendly, antioxidant + vitamin C filled, super moisturizing and skin rejuvenating.


We carry high quality cashmere lashes and glues imported from Japan, offering a range of options to ensure the highest quality, different styles (curl, thickness, length, etc) and durability. Our Eyelash technicians are highly skilled in the art of safely applying eyelash extensions based on your eye shape and desired look, carefully adhering each individual faux lash onto the natural eyelash itself, as we do not make any direct contact with your skin during the procedure.  We believe in promoting both beautiful and healthy eyelashes, and offer 3 different levels to achieve your desired fullness: Pop (Level 1), Glam (Level 2) and Ultimate (Level 3).


Sugaring is an all natural hair removal technique from Ancient Egypt, in which lemon, water and sugar are mixed to create a warm putty-like substance and rolled onto the skin to remove unwanted hair.  The substance is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth, adhering to the pores rather than sticking/burning the live skin cells (like traditional hot wax), creating an experience that is less painful, long-lasting, and very exfoliating for the skin.  When done regularly, Sugaring can also help in reducing unwanted hair, ingrown hairs and help in producing smoother skin. For best results, hair must be at least ⅛” long––about the size of a grain of rice.